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  • Un début de connard

    Cher journal, 

    Aujourd'hui nous sommes le 22

    Résumé de la saison 1

    Un groupe de militants écologiques, une organisation nommée Green Dawn, cachait une sombre facette en la personne d'un de leur leaders nommé Vincent Storm. Storm travaillait avec un individu seulement connu dans certains …

  • Téléchargement en cours...

    Ces deux là ont définitivement besoin d'amis. 

    [                                               & …

  • Home Page

    Sixth World Chronicles

    Ceci est la page de la campagne de Shadowrun "Sixth World Chronicles". 

  • Mr. Johnson's


    Mr Johnson's bar is mainly a hangout for Shadowrunners. It is tended by the friendly Steve Johnson, who serves as a broker for clients and runners alike to get a job.

    Physical description

    The bar is styled …

  • Johnny Kash

    Kash is an accountant for the Ork Underground, managing the finances of his boss: Cross. He handles money transfers, bills, budgets, debts... as well as some more unsavory and illicit activities such as money laundering, rackets and daytrading. He enjoys …

  • Steve Johnson

    Owner of the bar [[Mr. Johnson's | Mr. Johnson's]] , a shady bar mainly frequented by Shadowrunners and denizens of Seattle's fringe districts, Steve Johnson knows many things and many people that can make or unmake your career as a Shadowrunner. He …

  • Hubert "Klaus" Grunewald

    Native German who arrived in Seattle around 6 months ago. In a stroke of luck (or bad luck), he ended up at the "Mr. Johnson's" and met Tad. They undertook their first mission of many after Tad recruited Klaus to sign up for a two man job as the employer …

  • Null

    Null usually stands at Mr. Johnson's bar, waiting for clients to come to him and ask for some info. Information wants to be free, the saying goes, but Null makes sure that it costs a lot. If you're desperate, the price goes up. If the info seems to have …

  • Shen

    Shen is a mysterious character that has been rescued from the corporate overlords of Wushin. His motives are as of yet unkown. He has settled in the last two floors of a high-rise in Seattle and has started installing his influence once again.

  • Rafael Bailey

    I was born from a litter of thirteen. Me, my mother and 12 brothers and sisters lived a simple life, scavenging for food in the city. But it seems good things rarely last in the sixth world. Some day, our familly got caught by a kennel. Well, all but one …

  • Father Eleanor Michaels

    Father Eleanor Michaels, colloquially known as Father Michaels, is a christian priest at a small church in the slums of Seattle. He lives off of little, dedicating his life to God and his church. A deeply religious man, he is also a mage, which he …

  • Marvin

    Marvin is the AI that assists Tailor with his driving. It's the pilot software of his car and it's personality as something of a sassy teen.