Rafael Bailey

Who's a good boy? I ain't.


I was born from a litter of thirteen. Me, my mother and 12 brothers and sisters lived a simple life, scavenging for food in the city. But it seems good things rarely last in the sixth world. Some day, our familly got caught by a kennel. Well, all but one pup, the thirteenth one. Me. I was only 6 months old at the time.

I was starving, and I heard someone say “Eating Arby’s would be good.”. I turned around, and found no one. It talked to me again “Birds are weird”.

I tried to find who talked to me but couldn’t. I ran away, but the voice followed me wherever I went. I hoped it wasn’t the kennel coming back for me. “Why would the kennel talk about Arby’s?” Said the voice.

After a while, I stopped, panting. “Phew, I lost them. I lost them? I lost who? Who’s losing who?”

That’s when it dawned on me that that voice was my own. I never heard it before. So I kept about my day, amazed at the things I could think of. Then I sneezed and felt REALLY weird after. I also walked on two legs? People started looking at me weird. Policemen arrested me for something they called Public Indecency. After sometime in prison, they told me I was something called a shapeshifter and brought me somewhere else by a gentle man I would come to hate.

It was a facility run by Knight Errant. They prepped us to become police dogs of sort.. There, I met Jason, a strong and powerful wolf. He was better than me at almost everything. We became fast friend, and I admired him. He even gave me my name, Bailey. He said it looked like the numbers in my ear. I remember, on stormy nights, when I was terrified, he would reassure me and howl to bolster my courage. It worked a little.

When times were hard, he told me everything would be better tomorrow, that’s we’d be well soon. I believed him. He gave me a name, a person to look up to, and the hopes of a better tomorrow for us.

Knight Errant wanted us to be something we weren’t, to live life we didn’t want to live. I just wanted to be normal, to live free. Someday I told Jason we should escape. He declined. They had gotten to him, he had lost his will of freedom, his dream of a better world for us. He tried to stop me from running away. I’ll always remember that moment. The fear, the adrenaline. I still have nightmares about it sometimes. He could’ve killed me that time, easily, but he couldn’t bring himself to go all out on me, and I used that opening to escape.

After that, I started doing odd jobs for people. I help a very kind man, Father Michaels, and he’s been taking care of me since then. He doesn’t know the truth, but I’m afraid to tell him. He’s started calling me Rafael for some reason, and I think it has a nice ring to it.

Rafael Bailey

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