Steve Johnson

Barman of mystery


Owner of the bar [[Mr. Johnson’s | Mr. Johnson’s]] , a shady bar mainly frequented by Shadowrunners and denizens of Seattle’s fringe districts, Steve Johnson knows many things and many people that can make or unmake your career as a Shadowrunner.

He prides himself as being a source of work for many of the “poor souls” that have no SIN. You can ask him in person, or visit the matrix host he keeps up where you’ll find a bounty board and general discussions about the shadows of Seattle, a more local version of Jackpoint if you wish.

Steve doesn’t look like much. Average height and build, short black hair and a face you forget quickly. He never talks much about what he did before owning the bar and has told many diverging stories, but he has proven his worth more than once, and though there are few friends in the Shadows, there’s at least an ally.

Plus he can hook you up with a cold beer. The complete package.

Steve Johnson

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